MacProxy 3.0.3

System-wide network proxy support for Macs


  • Easy to setup and administer
  • Very lightweight


  • No public proxies included


Ensuring privacy on the Net is an increasingly difficult job and using a proxy is one simple way to help hide your tracks.

MacProxy forwards network settings to a proxy server, thus enabling users to hide their IP address and navigate the Net anonymously. MacProxy supports all major browsers, including Safari and Firefox as well as applications such as Mail, iChat, FTP and Telnet. MacProxy can even connect via your iPhone, turning it into a local proxy.

All major protocols are supported, namely SOCKS 4, 4a and 5. You can choose to access MacProxy via its simple interface or by using a System Preferences pane. The main interface immediately pops up on installation so you don't have to access if through the System Preferences Pane on first launch.

Adding a new proxy is very easy. Just go to the Proxies tab and click the '+' to add a new one. You can give the proxy a name and configure which protocol you'd like it to use. Once you're up and running, you can monitor the amount of traffic to and from your proxy.

MacProxy is extremely simple to use. It would have been preferable if the developers had at least provided some public proxies to get of taste of how it works but if you already have one set up, administering it via Mac proxy couldn't be easier.

MacProxy is an ideal tool for a network administrator or web surfer who wants to preserve their privacy or surf to sites not normally available outside their own country.

fixed uninstall bug


  • fixed uninstall bug

MacProxy provides system-wide network proxy support for the Mac.

MacProxy provides system-wide network proxy support for the Mac. It forwards network traffic from applications that do not support proxies and avoids complex setup for applications that do. MacProxy allows you to surf the internet from behind a firewall, connect securely when using public WiFi networks, and navigate the internet without being tracked.

Create profiles which include proxies, rules, and DNS settings. Profiles may be imported and exported (XML) so they can be shared with others. MacProxy supports a variety of SOCKS and HTTP proxy protocols, integrated SSH tunnel support, and proxy chains. Add rules that specify which proxy to use, connect directly, or block the connection.

- redirect Mac network traffic to any compatible SOCKS or HTTP proxy server

- works with browsers, email, chat, FTP, telnet, and other network applications

- proxy support for applications that do not support proxies

- create profiles which include proxies, rules, and DNS settings

- enable and switch active profiles conveniently from a menulet

- import and export profiles (XML)

- support for SOCKS proxy protocols including versions 4/4a/5

- support for HTTP/web proxy protocols including transparent, non-transparent, and connect

- integrated SSH tunnel support - connect securely to a remote Mac/PC

- specify SSH tunnel client/server keys, server alive time, and preferred cipher

- create proxy chains that connect through multiple proxies

- easy to user interface

- control from a menulet

- enabled automatically on startup

- profiles (XML) to share settings

- multiple user support - works for all users on a Mac

MacProxy is for users you require system-wide network proxy support. It provides proxy support for applications even if they don't support proxies.



MacProxy 3.0.3

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